Awake21 2023

GOOD GOOD FRIDAY – A Blount County Celebration – Friday, April 7th 4-7PM at the Greenbelt Amphitheater in Maryville, Tennessee, with a Crosswalk for the Youth, an EPIC Easter Egg Hunt for the Kids, featuring the Awake21 Mass Choir, the Awake21 Children’s Choir, RIOFIRE, Holy Communion across denominational lines, and guest speakers including Tony Collins from Broadway Baptist Church, Todd Chancey from Alcoa United Methodist Church, Ronnie Hepperly from RIO TOWNSEND, and the Awake21 prayer community of churches.

Monday night upwards of sixty people gathered together from across denominational lines – as the Faith & Family Coalition of Blount County – to affirm the sanctity of life and to humbly give thanks to God for the overturning of Roe vs Wade.

Over the course of the evening, person after person spoke and prayed with thanksgiving and tenderness of heart from the richness of literally decades of hands-on experience and sacrifice in supporting the Pro-Life movement.

In such settings, the quality, character and commitment of the unsung heroes of the faith that are all around us at any given moment in time is quite amazing to behold!

Great is the Lord over all of our lives! Many blessings, everyone!

Dave Duggan