Pastoral Counseling

Lighthouse Counseling Ministry

This ministry of East Maryville Baptist Church provides faith-based supportive care, biblical discipleship, comfort for the wounded heart, and compassionate guidance without coercion. 

We use an integrative, Member Care approach, reflecting models and methods from the Trauma Healing Institute, Peace Pursuit, and the Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation.
Lighthouse Counseling Ministry does not offer mental health care services, clinical psychotherapy, or diagnostic evaluation.

We offer:
In-person services for individuals and couples in the Knoxville, TN area. 
Individual sessions are provided by volunteer counselors in beautiful private offices, helping people overcome struggles and heal from painful experiences in order to walk in peace, freedom, truth, and abundant life in Christ.

Topical healing groups for individuals impacted by issues such as grief, cancer, anxiety, and relational difficulties.  

All counseling requests are made through our website.
For other communication, please email
Director of Counseling Ministry: Dr. Janeen Davis, PsyD, MFT

Purpose & Peace Solutions

This ministry provides several specialized faith-based services, including biblical conflict resolution training and mediation, ministry consulting and team retreats, special event speaking and teaching, and Member Care counseling and support for church members, ministers, and global missionaries.  

Services are provided by Dr. Janeen Davis, who brings expertise as a conflict resolution specialist, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, with over a decade of experience in clinical therapy, pastoral care, and crisis management, serving individuals, teams, families, and administrators on the mission field, while supervising a multi-region Member Care team of pastoral and clinical counselors. 

These counseling, training, and conflict resolution services are available to Christians around the world, to help them fully experience lives and relationships marked by purpose and peace through Christ. We do not offer any state-licensed services categorized as mental health care, clinical psychotherapy, or diagnostic evaluation.

We offer:
Confidential, online counseling sessions for individuals, couples, families, ministers, and missionaries around the world.   
In-person or virtual consulting, training events, and conflict resolution support for individuals, ministry leaders, and mission organizations.  

All requests for counseling and other services are made through our website.
For communication on other topics, please email 
President: Dr. Janeen Davis, PsyD, MFT

Peace Pursuit –

A groundbreaking biblical model of conflict resolution and discipleship that is practical, accessible, and effective. Prominent ministry groups and mission organizations around the world have been formally embracing Peace Pursuit as their official strategy for responding to all conflicts between believers. Peace Pursuit emphasizes biblical values and commands, gives people clear steps to take to resolve relational problems, and identifies who should do what, when, and how.  Peace Pursuit International is a global ministry that partners with small and large ministries to teach and equip believers how to respond to conflicts more effectively, reach peace, and experience personal and spiritual growth along the way. Free resources and training materials are available on the Peace Pursuit website.

We offer:
Free online resources, virtual and in-person training services, special event presentations, and ministry partnerships for the purpose of equipping global Christians to apply biblical commands and principles effectively in their personal and ministry relationships.  
Advanced training and Peace Pursuit Practitioner certification for individuals seeking to become highly skilled in helping others resolve their conflicts through coaching and mediating using the Peace Pursuit model.

Please use the Contact Form on our website.
Founder & President: John Shindeldecker

It is our joy to serve you, 
for the glory of the King,

Janeen Davis, PsyD, MFTDirector of Counseling           For information about Lighthouse Counseling, click here!



Dr. Steve Hodges is a state certified professional counselor with over forty years of experience serving Blount County and the surrounding area. Steve’s many specialties include marriage counseling, family therapy, addiction, depression, post-abortion depression, pre-marital counseling, and a host of other spiritual issues.

If you are seeking more information about counseling, call the Chilhowee Baptist Association at 865-982-0499, or Pastor Steve directly at 865-382-2582. 

Addiction Counseling

Substance Addiction

Sex/Pornography Addiction

Pregnancy Counseling

Pregnancy Resource Center:; 865-977-8378

Main office – Maryville

103 Station Drive

Maryville, TN 37804 

Sevierville office

800 Park Road

Sevierville, TN 37862

The Pregnancy Resource Center is a medical clinic providing services free of charge in East Tennessee. Our mission is to minister to the needs of those facing difficult pregnancy decisions with life-affirming alternatives.